What is Dashbot?

The #1 Conversational Analytics Platform. Connect your conversations, analyze your data & take action!

Turning Information into Insights

Dashbot is a conversational data platform that ingests, cleans, structures, and processes your raw data with just a few lines of code. Dashbot then enables you to analyze your conversational data with native reports and visualize this data with just a few clicks.

Our no-code data platform & tooling empowers your team to answer questions, no matter their data expertise.

Typical analytics tools track conversational interactions in the form of events.

Dashbot instead relies on a different data model to understand the richness of a conversation. Leverage NLP models developed over the course of the last decade, Dashbot turns conversational information into actionable insights. Custom dashboards to view all your conversational data metrics and trends is the tip of the iceberg.

Shedding Light on the Dark (Data)

Dark data is all around us & growing everday. Dashbot sheds light on this darkness and allows you to leverage dark data for good. Using AI Dashbot can enrich your unstructured data enabling business to transform manual processes and insight generation into a systematic and detailed workflow. Take things even further and combine the enriched unstructured data with other sources of information maintained by your company to unlock new goals backed by AI powered predictive insights.