Introduction to Dashboards

Whether you're fine-tuning overall trends, optimizing conversions, or diving deep into fall back insights, our Dashboards provide a centralized hub for all your data needs.

Dashboards display saved visualizations from other platform areas—data slicer and flows–-as dashboard cards. The dashboard views, filters, and cards are configurable to help automatically monitor KPIs and journeys key to your business.

Check out the Overview video introducing how to configure and customize your dashboards.

Getting Started with Dashboards

Drill into the links below for step-by-step instructions

  • Introduction to Dashboards: Create and navigate dashboards
  • Dashboard Cards: Add and customize dashboard cards
  • Dashboard Filters: Utilize filters to refine data by dates and specific criteria
  • Dashboard Sharing: Share your dashboards with relevant stakeholders for collaboration and informed decision-making across your organization. No credentials required! Consider linking on an internal team page
  • View Transcripts: Drill down into transcripts to see user conversations first-hand