Data Explorer Terminology

Glossary of Data Explorer terms

Data Query

  • View: Data explorer enables you to select and analyze specific subsets of your conversational data
  • Messages: Analyze the count of unique messages
  • Users: Monitor the count of unique users across all messages
  • Intents: Analyze the count of unique incoming/outgoing intents
  • General Field: Select and aggregate data from specific fields associated with platform parameters
  • JSON Field: Aggregate data from specific fields within the JSON payload(metadata sent over to dashbot)

Optimize Data for your Needs (what is a filter and a breakdown)

  • Filter: Refine your data by applying specific constraints
  • Breakdown: Classify your data into segments based on selected categories

Output Configurations

  • Date Range: Select the time frame for your conversational history
  • Linear vs Logarithmic Output: Choose between the linear (smaller variations of data) or logarithmic (larger variations in data) for line graphs
  • Output/Graph Type: Select from various graph and chart views
  • Settings: Save, download, or reset your data explorer configurations