Data Slicer Terminology


  • Data Slicer: Discovery tool that automatically categories conversational data across multiple data attributes
  • Preset: Pre-selected view of conversational data in a format tailored to your specific use case
  • Cross Analysis: To compare various dimensions of conversational data to uncover insights, patterns, or relationships across different sources

Transcript Analysis:

  • Summary: Concise overview of a user session within the data set
  • Section Analysis: Label given to a specific section of a user session

Full Dimension Dictionary:

Dimension NameData TypeDefinition
Session_SummaryGeneratedSummary of the conversation (session)
Session_ReasonGeneratedMain reason for the conversation (session)
Session_CategoryGeneratedMain reasons grouped by theme (session)
Session_Category_ClusterGeneratedHigher-level grouping of main reasons by theme (session)
SummaryGeneratedA summary of the conversation section analyzed
ReasonGeneratedThe specific reason for a section of conversation
CategoryGeneratedReasons for section grouped by theme
Category_ClusterGeneratedHigher-Level grouping of section reasons by theme
Predicted FeedbackGeneratedThe predicted open response to a feedback survey following the conversation (session)
Predicted SolutionGeneratedA predicted solution our models proposed on how to resolve the customer issue better (solution)
Predicted RatingGeneratedA score from 1-10 that predicts how the user would rate the conversation (session)
Success ScoreGeneratedA predicted score from 0-1 on how successful an agent was at resolving hte customer's issue (sessions)
EffortGeneratedHow much effort was needed for the userf to resolve their issue on a scale of 1-5, 5 being the most effort. (session)
OutcomeGeneratedPredicted outcome of the conversation of either: "Complete", "Abandoned" or "Escalated" (session)
Session_User_SentimentGeneratedUser sentiment (session)
IncomingSentiment2GeneratedUser sentiment grouped by positive, neutral, negative (session)
ProductGeneratedMention of product or service detected by our models (section)
User IDGeneratedUnique ID associated with respondent
TextMetadataRaw Text