Flows Configuration

Analyze the User Journey from Start to Finish

  • Use flows to spot big patterns in how conversations progress from start to end
  • Dive deeper with filters for more specific insights
  • Follow along our Flows Introduction video

Example Flow Configuration 1: Discover how to view and analyze users' first questions to gain valuable insights into their needs and behaviors

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Following the Conversation's Initial Steps

  • Examine the initial stages of conversations to observe how users initiate interaction with your bot
  • Apply a filter to concentrate on the initial messages and evaluate the first exchanges. This enables you to identify effective responses and areas for improvement in your bot's handling of challenging unhandled intents

Example Flow Configuration 2: Filter a flow based on two intents to specify a successful user journey

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Understanding Unhandled/Not Handled Intents

Visualize the before and after an unhandled intent (when the bot doesn't know how to respond). Set a step filter (1 step before) to only show these moments, helping you see what causes these unhandled intents.

Not Handled Intent Flow Example: Discover how we can build a flow around an unhandled intent. In this example we use the intent “NotHandled”

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