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Welcome to the Yellow AI documentation for Dashbot! Integrating Dashbot into your Yellow AI application is quick and easy.

Obtain Yellow AI API Key

To generate an API key, follow these steps:

On the bot Overview page, go to Access Control > API Keys.

To create a new API Key, click Generate new API key.

Name the API key in API Name and select User role from the dropdown.

If necessary, add whitelist IP to ensure smooth access, especially if the IP is at risk of being blocked by the firewall.

Click Save to generate the API key.

Copy the generated key and use it in your API calls wherever required.

Yellow AI REST Integration

Retrieve Messages from Yellow AI

Use the Yellow AI endpoint for fetching messages. Format the URL as shown in the Yellow AI documentation:

Replace BOT_ID, JOURNEY_ID, START_DATE, and END_DATE with the appropriate values for your Yellow AI setup.

In the Headers section, add an Authorization header with your Yellow AI API key as the value, prefixed by Bearer. For example:

Authorization: Bearer YOUR_YELLOW_AI_API_KEY

Execute the request to retrieve the messages.

Post Data to Dashbot

After obtaining the message data from Yellow AI, format it according to Dashbot's requirements and use a POST request to send it.

Create a new request with POST as the request type.

Use the Dashbot Generic REST API endpoint. The URL format is:

Replace DASHBOT_API_KEY with your actual Dashbot API key.

Set Content-Type to application/json in the request headers.

In the body of your request, choose raw and input your data in JSON format. You'll need to adapt the data from Yellow AI to match Dashbot's expected schema. An example payload could be:

  "text": "Sample message content from Yellow AI",
  "userId": "unique_user_identifier"

Execute the request to send the data to Dashbot.