If you already have local access to your data, feel free to upload it to Dashbot to get started!

Beyond generating API keys and connecting to your application, Dashbot can ingest CSV, TSV and JSON files via our data upload function. This features enables you to get up and running in the Dashbot platform quickly if you already have access to your data.

  1. To get started head to Dashbot & log in
  1. Click on the "Upload File" button and then select the file you are interested in uploading

  2. Dashbot will interpret the file and prompt you to map 4 required fields to certain columns in your file. The four required fields are "Text", "Timestamp", "Incoming" and "User ID". Once you have mapped the four required fields you can click on "Save the Format and Continue"

    Below is more information and syntax on the 4 required fields:

    textRequired Text of the conversationString
    userIdRequired This is a unique identifier for all participants in the conversation (e.g. user and agent)String
    timestampRequired The server timestamp must be sent in UNIX time (epoch time). You can use a website like https://www.unixtimestamp.com/ to convert your timestampNumber
    incomingRequired This is a binary field indicating whether a message in incoming (i.e. from a user) or outgoing (i.e. from an agent or bot). The values must be true or false and is case sensitiveString
  1. After you save and continue, you must assign and name your integration

Congrats! You are done once your file finishes uploading.